John Lennon said it best -- Give Peace a Chance .

That’s singing our tune.

So, if you’re here to voice displeasure against the EU, Canada, Putin, the Russian government, NATO, the US, COVID, or Space Smurfs from Alpha Centauri —we’re just not the website for you.

We’ll save the rhetoric and witty repartee for our talented entertainers so that we here can focus on raising funds for refugee children and families of Ukraine—and that’s it.


As a grassroots movement, we warmly embrace any and all groups and/or individuals who wish to further these humanitarian aims respectfully and without hidden agendas.

Get the word out by mentioning our site:

NOTE: we are only located at this .org, we don’t have another domain. So please be very careful sharing our website on social media.

Your help and support is truly appreciated not just in Vancouver, but throughout the world.

Everything we do now dovetails toward a global initiative – and a worldwide call for humanity to step up.

The whole world should host a ‘1 Night Stand’… why not contact us and give it a shot.